Improve Your Dancing! Look good!

Like the club, you don't need any experience or a partner to join. In team practices, we spend much less time on learning new steps but instead focus on learning technique and making your dancing better.

Competitive Couple 1

Compete! Really, it's not that scary!

Team members are also offered the chance to compete. There are many collegiate competitions throughout the year and we will try to attend as many as possible. You don't have to attend every competition, just as many as you would like. At a competition there are many couples on the floor at the same time and all at the same skill level.

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Move at your own pace! No committment!

First, team practice is free! Also, we realize that between classes, homework, and dancing that time is limited - attending all the practices is not mandatory. We encourage you to attend as many practices as you can to improve your dancing but generally you move at your own pace.

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Competition Information and Tips

Dress for comps:

Ladies Smooth or Standard - a long gown or dress, floor length is preferable.   Make sure you practice in the dress at least once before the competition.   When you're dancing smooth, a dress that reaches the floor goes even lower when you start dancing and you can trip in it as you're going backwards.  Hair is usually tied up so that the judges can see your neckline.

Ladies Rhythm or Latin - short or long dress is acceptable.  Generally, the flashier the better.  Hair can be worn up or down, although up is preferable. 

Men's Smooth or Standard - black pants with a tuxedo shirt or white shirt.  Bow tie or long tie, but a bow tie is preferable.  Black, comfortable shoes.

Men's Rhythm or Latin - generally, black pants with either a short sleeve or long sleeve black shirt.  A white shirt or colors are also possible.  Black, comfortable shoes.

Other Tips:

Generally, make sure you're always standing up straight and holding your posture throughout the dance.  When walking on and off the floor make sure you and your partner are together and present yourselves.

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