Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I join?
A. Simply come to whichever class(es) you're interested in.  No advance registration is required.

Q. Do I need a partner to join the classes?
A. No, you do not need a partner to join any of our classes.  Almost everyone switches partners many times during each class, giving everyone a chance to dance.

Q. Do I need any dance experience to join the classes?
A. You do not need any dance experience for our beginner classes or our competition team.  For the intermediate class only, we ask that you know the basics to the dances being taught or have had some dance experience before.

Q. Can non-students participate in the classes?
A. Yes, in addition to URI students, grad students, staff and faculty, and alumni, outside community members are also encouraged to participate in our classes.  In short, anyone is welcome to join.

Q. When and where do classes meet?
A. See our class schedule for complete details!  Any announcements about changes of location will be under Club Information and we will also send out e-mails to our mailing list.

Q. What clothes or shoes should I wear?
A. We don't require anything special for our classes.  Usually whatever you're wearing during the normal day is fine.  For shoes we don't recommend open toed shoes or sandals since we all tend to step on each other a little when we first start.  In addition, we usually pracitice in Atrium 1 which has a tile floor.  The tile can sometimes be slippery in dress shoes so sneakers or dress shoes with rubber soles are probably the best choice.  Dance sneakers also work very well but are certainly not required.

Q. Do the classes cost money?
A. Yes, we charge $10 for a six week class for students (any school) and faculty.  For example, if you took two beginner classes at 6PM and 7PM, then as a student you would pay $20 and you would be covered for the six weeks. Classes for community members are $20 each. So for the 6PM and 7PM classes, a community member would pay $40 once and would be covered for the six weeks.

Q. What if I have to miss a class?
A. We don't have any strict requirements on attending our classes.  If you have to miss a week, you should be able to catch up the following week with no problem.  We always do review of the steps we've done previously and then add one or two new pieces or steps.

Q. Why would I want to join the competition team?
A. You might consider trying the competition team if you'd like to make your dancing better and obviously if you want to compete.  You don't need any experience to join the competition team, we simply focus more on making your dancing better rather than learning new steps.  Joining the competition team does not require any type of commitment either.  You do not have to go to any competitions and you do not have to attend every practice.  You continue to learn at your own pace but you are also offered the chance to travel to other universities to compete.  You only compete against people at your own level - newcomer, bronze, silver, gold, or open.  You are also always on the floor with many other couples, it's not like a performance where you and your partner are the only ones on the floor.

Q. How do I join the mailing list?
A. You can join the mailing list by simply submitting your name and e-mail.  In addition, you may e-mail us with your name and e-mail address if you ever wish to be removed.

Q. How do I get to URI and the building that classes are being held in?
A. Here are directions to URI coming from the Providence area:
Take 95 South to Rt. 4 South. Rt. 4 turns into 1 South. Continue on Rt. 1 South until the next traffic light. There will be a Mobil station at this intersection. Take a right onto Rt. 138. The entrance to the University of Rhode Island will be several miles down Rt. 138 on the right at the second light. At this light go straight (past the main entrance) and take a right onto Lower College Road. The Memorial Union will be the large yellow building on the rotary across from the police station.  Parking is available behind the Union. For more information parking visit URI's parking page .
      Atrium 1 is in the Memorial Union on the main floor in the corner of the building closest to the rotary with the bus stop.  The Ballroom is also on the main floor near the info desk.  The Multi-Cultural Center where we sometimes hold classes or dances is two buildings to the left with a large statue in front of it if you exit the front entrance of the Memorial Union.  A campus map is also available.