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   Welcome to the URI Ballroom Dancing Team!   Like the club, you don't need any experience or a partner to join.  The main differences between the club and the team are which areas of dance we focus on and the goals of the individual members.  In team practices, we spend much less time on learning new steps but instead focus on learning technique and making your dancing better.  We learn an adequate amount of steps in each dance to form a short routine and then look at each piece individually to improve it.  Team members are generally more focused on improving their dancing and attend both the club practices and one or two team practices a week.  We realize that between classes, homework, and dancing that time is limited - attending all the practices is not mandatory.  We encourage you to attend as many practices as you can to improve your dancing but generally you move at your own pace.
    Team members are also offered the chance to compete.  There are many collegiate competitions throughout the year and we will try to attend as many as possible.  You don't have to attend every competition, just as many as you would like.  Also, you're dancing doesn't improve if you never use it so team members are encouraged to go to social dances as well.  Several team members almost always go out to a dance on the weekends, so come join us and let us know if you need transportation.
    In the past, our competition team has gone on several trips to compete in various competitions such as the National Collegiate Championships at the Ohio Star Ball and the Intercontinental Dancesport Festival in Daytona Beach, Florida and Osmington Bay, England.
    If you still have questions after reading this page, visit our page of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you still can't find an answer feel free to e-mail us.

Team Announcements

f you are unable to attend in the first week, you're more than welcome to join us the second week or later.  You may also miss any other week and still be able to continue, we do review every week! Both the technique class and team practice are recommended for those interested in the team. These classes are usually held at the end of the evening, check the class schedule for full details.

Still have questions?

Check our page of Frequently Asked Questions for answers!

Looking for a place to go dancing on the weekends?

We keep an up-to-date listing of all the ballroom dance parties, workshops, and shows happening in the local area on our Upcoming Dances page.  If you need a ride or want more information, please e-mail us.

Want more information on a dance?

There are a total of 9 dances in the American style and 10 in the International style.  We also teach several other dances such as Hustle and Merengue. You can find a listing of all the dances on our Dance Information Page to learn about the history of each dance and listen to a music clip or watch videos. We also have links to videos for most of the steps in each dance!

Upcoming Events:
      Sorry, there are no upcoming events at this time.
    More events to follow as they become available.
    Competition Information and Tips

    Dress for comps:

    Ladies Smooth or Standard - a long gown or dress, floor length is preferable.   Make sure you practice in the dress at least once before the competition.   When you're dancing smooth, a dress that reaches the floor goes even lower when you start dancing and you can trip in it as you're going backwards.  Hair is usually tied up so that the judges can see your neckline.

    Ladies Rhythm or Latin - short or long dress is acceptable.  Generally, the flashier the better.  Hair can be worn up or down, although up is preferable. 

    Men's Smooth or Standard - black pants with a tuxedo shirt or white shirt.  Bow tie or long tie, but a bow tie is preferable.  Black, comfortable shoes.

    Men's Rhythm or Latin - generally, black pants with either a short sleeve or long sleeve black shirt.  A white shirt or colors are also possible.  Black, comfortable shoes.

    Other Tips:

    Generally, make sure you're always standing up straight and holding your posture throughout the dance.  When walking on and off the floor make sure you and your partner are together and present yourselves.

    Looking for Shoes?

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    (401) 232-2266

    Club and Team Officers

    President: Open
    Vice-President: Open
    Treasurer: Open
    Secretary: Kirsten Fagan
    Public Relations: Myrthe Duijsens
    Team Captain: Open
    Website: Open
    Board Members: Timothy Sorrentino