Bronze American Syllabus

Note: Due to a lack of standardization in the American style, many names of the steps and some of the choreography differ from the videos.

1. Forward Basic   6. Right Box Turn
1b. Backward Basic   6a. Right Rock Turn
2. Hesitations in 6 Directions   7. Progressive Twinkles Forward
3. Left Box Turn   7b. Progressive Twinkles Backward
3b. Hesitation Rock Turn   8. Promenade Walk-Around
4. Hesitation Promenade   9. Advanced Left Turn
5. Simple Twinkle   10. Promenade Pivot from Hesitation
5b. Triple Twinkle   10b. Promenade Pivot from Twinkle
1. Closed Basic   6. Turning Rock from Promenade
1b. Outside Partner Basic   6b. Turning Rock to Promenade
2. Promenade Basic   7. Rock Changes
2b. Promenade to Back Tango Close   8. Rock with Fan
3. Argentine Walk   8b. Open Promenade to Fan
4. Simple Corte   9. Promenade Walk-Around
4b. Rock and Corte   10. Promenade Pivot
5. Forward Rocks      
1. Forward Basic   6. Closed Position Quarter Turns
1b. Backward Basic   6b. Outside Position Quarter Turns
2. Left Box Turn   7. Progressive Twinkles Forward
2b. Left Rock Turn   7b. Progressive Twinkles Backward
3. Promenade Basic   8. Right Box Turn
4. Swing Step   8b. Right Rock Turn
5. Simple Twinkle   9. Promenade Walk-Around
5b. Triple Twinkle   10. Promenade Pivot
1. Basic Left Turn   6. Curtsey Hesitation
1b. Left Hesitation Turn   7. Right Side Run-Around
2. Basic Right Turn   8. Promenade Run-Around
2b. Right Hesitation Turn   9. Canter Rocks Left
3. Side Hesitation   9b. Canter Rocks Right
3b. Side Cross Hesitation   10. Left Fleckerel
4. Forward Hesitation   10b. Right Fleckerel
4b. Backward Hesitation      
5. Progressive Hesitation      
1. Side Basic   6. Outside Breaks Forward
1b. Passing Basic   6a. Outside Breaks Backward
2. Open Break   7. Peek-a-boo
3. Open Break with Arch Turn   8. Single Cuddle
4. Simple Cross-overs   8b. Double Cuddle
4b. Cross-over with Arch Turn   9. Cross Body Lead
5. Cross-over with Apart Turn   10. Half Turn Chase
      10b. Cross-over Chase
      10c. Full Turn Chase
1. Box Step (Basic)   6. Open Break from Box Step
1b. Slow Arch Turn   6b. Open Break from Side Basic
2. Breaks in 6 Directions   7. Cross Body Lead
3. Forward Rocks   8. Open Cuban Walk
3b. Backward Rocks   9. Forward Spot Turn
4. Outside Breaks Forward   9b. Backward Spot Turn
4b. Outside Breaks Backward   10. Arch Turn
5. Promenade Breaks   10b. Loop Turn
1. Basic   6. Lindy Basic
2. Throwaway   6b. Whip
2b. Link Rock   6c. Whip Throwaway
3. Arch Turn   7. Peek-a-boo
3b. Loop Turn   8. Simple Sugar Push
4. Man's Turn   8b. Turning Sugar Push
5. Tuck-in with Arch Turn   9. Circle Swivel
5b. Tuck-in with Free Turn   10. Sugarfoot
5c. Double Tuck-in      
1. Preparation   6. Forward Spot Turn
1b. Closed Basic   6b. Backward Spot Turn
1c. Passing Basic   7. Cross Body Lead
2. Basic Breaks Forward & Back   8. Loop Pass
2b. Side Breaks   9. Cuddle
2c. Promenade Breaks   10. Half-Turn Chase
3. Open Break   10b. Full-Turn Chase
3b. Open Break with Arch Turn      
4. Cross-over Breaks      
5. Outside Breaks Forward      
5b. Outside Breaks Backward